Time-Table Management

Creation of Time table & it's management is a challenging task for the school. Lot of effort and time is consumed.

pozo time table provides a comprehensive solution in which All class period, assembly time, breaks are visible in pozo mobile app. If any change is made in the routine, instant notification appears in mobile app. Teacher also gets notification if any substitution is made in their routine.

Pozo Time table

pozo time table allows schools to publish class-wise time-table through an intuitive interface and manage Arrangements/Teacher Substitution on a daily basis.

  • Publish time-table for each class
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Assign multiple subjects in each period
  • Assign multiple teachers in each period
  • Portait/Landscape printing option
  • Parent/Student can view time-table on their mobile app
  • Teachers can view time-table on their app
  • Manage Arrangements/Teacher Substitution in second
  • Automatic notification to teachers on arrangement
  • Print substitution register for circulation to teachers
  • System automatically recommends available teachers to pick
  • Any change in timetable will send automatic notification