Pozo Admin App for Teachers

pozo Admin App enriches Teachers and School Admin with the power of technology on their fingers.

Attendance taking for a class of 40 students can be done in less than 20 seconds!!

Completely integrated with pozo School ERP, pozo Admin App makes life easy for the teacher & admin staff by eliminating paper based time taking process with the use of technology.  Coursework with reminders and photo albums can be shared within the class in real-time.

Use Pozo Admin App for

pozo admin app for Teachers and School Admin offers a transparent and bidirectional communication channel with parents and students.

  • Secure login-based access to information from the institution
  • View your teaching time-table on the pozo admin app
  • Get notified about arrangement duties (teacher substitution)
  • Send messages to parents and students with attachments
  • Send message to entire school, your class, a group of students or an individual student
  • Send message to other staff members on app
  • Take attendance of your classes directly from the admin app
  • Share home-work and class-work with students
  • Create albums and share photos
  • Create and share events
  • Reply to queries from parents and students
  • Teacher’s mobile number is not visible to parents
  • Share newsletter with students
  • Get messages from School Admin on the app