Attendance & Leave Management

pozo Attendance System automates the way of taking & publishing attendance, leave application & its approval. Summary of all attendance available on finger tip.

pozo attendance system allows teacher to take attendance in multiple ways. Attendance can be taken from mobile app, web panel or by uploading excel sheet. After publishing Attendance, Parent get notification of presence, absence or leave. Medical Reports can be submitted by parent through parent app.

Pozo Attendance System

pozo helps school to automate attendance system & reduces time taken in attendance process & provides real time analytics & reports

  • Digital repository for entire school attendance data on the cloud
  • Teachers’ mobile app allows class attendance in an easy and intuitive manner
  • Excel File upload facility for daily attendance
  • Facility to mark a child as Present, Absent, Half-day or Leave
  • Instant notification/SMS to parents of absent students
  • Parents can apply for leave via mobile app
  • Facility for leave approval or rejection; linked to attendance
  • Parents can view prior attendance record on their app
  • Class-wise/Student-wise attendance reports
  • Lecture-wise attendance facility for schools and colleges