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200+ schools in India are using Pozo App for everyday school management and to stay connected with parents & students.


Mobile App for Admin, Teachers & Parent

Teacher can take Attendance for a class of 40 students can be done in less than 20 seconds !


Mentor & Institutor


Prof. D. Vijendran Babu graduated from University of Madras in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and did his Post Graduation from SASTRA University in Tamilnadu.
Prof. Babu has 18 Years of experience in administration & research.

Chief Strategist & Analyst


B Suresh graduated from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode. He has 22 years of experience in business management.

India's Best School Mobile App & ERP

Smart Phone based School Management System

pozo app connects school administration, teachers & parents at one common platform.

pozo app

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Features for School Admin & Teachers

Fee Management


 Schools can now manage their entire Fees Planning, Publishing, Sending reminders and Collecting Fees on a single platform. Collect fees offline (cash, cheque, bank transfer, PoS) or online (credit/debit card, net banking, wallet) all on a single platform.

Complete reports and MIS ensure you are always in control.

Quality Features

Automatic Fee Reminder

School can send Fee Due Alerts to specific parents who have not paid school fee

Advance/Partial Fee

School can collect Fee in advance & the amount will be in student's wallet

Online Fee Collection

Ultra secure payment gateway integrated with fee management

Access Control & Role bases access

Defined roles can be assigned to different users

Real Time Reports & Analytics

Real time finance report of dues & collection

Paperless Receipts

Parents will get fee receipt at instant

Safe & Secure

Secured encrypted technology & secured data center for financial transaction

Exam-Result Management

Schedule Exams, Publish Results, Print Report Cards and get analytics on students’ performance.

Automated reminders before exams, result notifications on parent app, custom exam patterns and report card formats are all available on pozo

Quality Features

Exam Notifications

Parents and Students receive notifications for exams scheduled by the school.

Automated Reminders

Get Automated Reminders on pozo app before the scheduled date of the exam.

Exam Routine

Planning and scheduling exams and publishing results is no longer a time consuming job with pozo

Syllabus with exam

Attach syllabus for each exam with the notification for parents to see on pozo app

Result on pozo app

Parents can see result on pozo app with average and maximum score analytics.

PDF report cards

You can even create your own PDF results and publish to parents on pozo app


Result publishing and analytics becomes error-free as there is minimum manual intervention.

Secure & Safe

Secured encrypted technology and highly secure data centers keep your results data always safe.

Time-Table Publishing

Publish time-table for each class with multiple subjects for each period and multiple teachers for each subject.

Daily time-table is visible to parents and student on their app and all changes to the time-table will be reflected in real-time to the parents and students

pozo Time-table Management provides an easy way to publish your time-table and manage teacher arrangement/substitution for absent teachers.

Publishing time-table is one of the biggest challenges in a school. Most education boards are mandating a lighter bag for students which can be attained by ensuring an updated time-table is visible to students and parents. pozo Time-Table Publishing helps a school to publish its time-table, notifying parents and students on their app. Daily time-table will be visible to parents and students on the pozo app and all changes to the same will be reflected in real-time manner on the app.

Data Management

Maintain all school database, student details and staff details in a secure cloud.

Conduct Admissions, Promotions and Generate TC from pozo.

Single software for all your needs means no data duplication and always up to date information.

Communication Management

Two way communication system in which School Admin & Teachers can share information with the students or each other through their mobile app. They can respond to parent queries or send message, circulars, images, and much more!

Message to students

Send messages to entire school, a class, a group of students or an individual student. Send multiple updates on the same message and attach files for sharing detailed information.

Message to staff

School admin can send a message to the staff members from myly admin app. Staff members can send messages to each other too. No need for a separate communication platform for staff.


You work hard in your school. Let the parents know! Share detailed newsletters with PDF files of up to 10 MB and spread the news, achievements and laurels of your school.

Create Events

Create and share events with your students and their parents. Events could be time-bound or spread over multiple days. Event reminders are automatically sent by the system before the event.

Photo Album

Create albums and share images about everything that happens in the school. Social sharing allows teachers to share images on their social network resulting in higher brand visibility for your school

Online Assessment

Now conduct online assessments on cloud.

Create timed or all time multiple-choice question quizzes for students to take on their app. Each student gets their score at the end of the quiz along with the correct answers.

Teacher gets complete class’ performance in one report.

Features for Students & Parents

Result & Report Card

Get complete exam schedule with automatic reminders before the examination date.

See results as soon as they are published along with average and highest score in the class.

School Mobile App

Get all school communication in one place on your smartphone.Get homework information even if child is absent in school.

Get attendance notifications when child is marked absent or half-day in school.

Online Fee Payment

No more queues to pay school fees.

Pay all fees from your app or online via credit/debit card, net-banking or wallet.
Get all types of school receipts on app itself.

Apply for Leave

Now Parents can apply for leave from mobile app.

No need to write letter on paper & send.

Get notification of Leave Approval in pozo app.